Performance Mineral Overview

Complete equine nutrition package

In the past few years Hoffman's Horse products was approached by a sector of the horse industry that wanted to push to even greater heights. They wanted to get to the top of the leader board and stay there during a long season of competing. Once again the same nutritionist that developed Hoffman's Horse Minerals and Hoffman's Horse Ration put his skills to work and soon Hoffman's Performance Equine Mineral was taking equine athletes to the winners circle.

Using only quality ingredients to maximize performance potential was a must, which meant the chelated minerals that worked so well in the original HHMinerals were used again. Some key differences from the original HHMinerals focused on muscle recovery and joint health, so Natural source Vitamin E was added and biotin and B vitamin levels were increased dramatically. Other key ingredients for horses under the stress of competition were also necessary to increase or add. Customers also appreciate that this mineral is pelleted using peas as a natural, very palatable base. Complete analysis can be viewed by clicking on the Equine Nutrition link Under Performance Mineral.

Reel Danger

Winner! "Reel Danger"
Hoffman's Horse Products Equine Athlete.